Rescue Medical Supply volunteers are the heart and soul of our work. There are three main ways to volunteer:


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When contacted by a donating facility, volunteers are needed to drive their vehicle to the site to pick up boxes and deliver them to the RMS storage facility or directly to the sorting area.


Volunteers work approximately 2x per month, either on the Tuesday team or the Friday team.  They unpack boxes of donated supplies, then sort, count, label and itemize to create spreadsheets.  When items are chosen by doctors, volunteers then pack boxes for shipping.


Maintaining the website, sending out electronic newsletters and creating short videos.



Giving to Rescue Medical Supplies results in the biggest bang for the buck of any non-profit I know of! All the work is done by volunteers, so almost all the funds go to the cost of shipping.
— Tim P.
It is such a joy to see all the supplies that would have been discarded put to use in parts of the world with such a huge need.
— Sherry C.
I love the commeraderie of working with the other volunteers.
— Jean A.
I enjoy being part of such a fun team! It is great to see the supplies that are going to make a difference in the lives of patients all over the world!
— Mary J.