We, the founders of Rescue believe in Jesus Christ, depend on God and value prayer in all we do. We serve everyone in need, regardless of race, religion or gender.  We affirm the involvement of volunteers from various faith backgrounds in our work and conduct ourselves with sensitivity and respect when working with people of other faiths.


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We are honest in our communications, transparent and accountable in our finances.


We care deeply about people who suffer in the world and are motivated by God’s love to make a difference.


We encourage creative thinking on how items can be reused.

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We, the founders of Rescue were in Mali, West Africa on a mission trip doing work at a hospital in 2006.  We saw the demand on the hospital staff and the need for more medical supplies.  After returning back to the U.S. we approached medical facilities for items that could be used overseas in Mali.  These facilities have been very generous, donating a wide range of supplies from simple bandages to surgical tools to x-ray equipment.  These generous donations have allowed Rescue to expand their sharing of medical supplies with seven additional countries.