Rescue Medical Supplies exists to be a valuable asset to missionary doctors in developing countries where supplies are limited and suffering is great.

Secondarily, anything not chosen by overseas locations is offered to local nonprofit entities serving the community - such as homeless resource centers, senior services and pet rescue and care facilities. 


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Reclaims usable surplus medical supplies in Northwest Washington


Reduces waste in our landfills by working with hospitals and clinics to intercept quality items before they are destroyed


Restores health to communities with limited (or no) medical care


Redirects these supplies (at no cost) to medical facilities in developing countries




Medical supply waste in the United States is estimated to be over $750 billion per year.  This number has increased steadily due to the use of disposable products.  Many supplies are unopened or unused, yet discarded due to regulations.  New technology regularly replaces working equipment, which then sits in a warehouse or finds its way to landfills.  Meanwhile, in nations/locations with few resources, many of these items are perfectly acceptable and desperately needed. 

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Rescue Medical Supplies is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that recovers and ships supplies to qualified providers of medical care around the globe


“Rescue Medical Supplies is a great blessing to so many people in so many countries. It has been a huge help to our clinic in West Africa.”



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